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December 2012

New CBCA Website Launched

The Civilian Board of Contract Appeals is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. The completely revamped site features a new look and organization designed to improve access and speed visitors more quickly and easily to the information they need. For example, on the Decisions tab, case decisions are now broken out separately by category of case and arranged in tables. The tables default to reverse chronological order, with the most recent decision listed first, but may be sorted by decision date, case number, party name, or judge simply by clicking the up or down arrows in the heading bar of the table. Other enhancements include an improved table of the most recent decisions on the Home tab and an integrated map for visiting the Board in person. If you have questions or comments or wish to report any problems please contact:

Ms. Gerrie Milline Retires

After 38 years of Federal service, Ms. Gerrie Milline has retired. She served the last 6 years at the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA). Ms. Milline began her service in 1974 with the Combined Federal Campaign, moving in 1978 to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). While at DOT she worked in the Office of Civil Rights, the Office of Management Planning, and finally with the DOT Board of Contract Appeals. Ms. Milline joined the CBCA at its creation in January 2007 when the DOT Board of Contract Appeals was folded into the newly-created Civilian Board. At the CBCA Ms. Milline served as a Senior Legal Staff Assistant, providing critical service and support to several judges, including Vice Chair Jeri Somers, Judge James Stern, Judge Howard Pollack, and Judge Eileen Fennessy. The judges and staff of the CBCA thank Ms. Milline for her outstanding service and wish her a fond farewell.