Image of the CBCA courtroom, books of decisions, and front door.

The Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA) is an independent tribunal housed within the General Services Administration. The CBCA presides over various disputes involving Federal executive branch agencies. Its primary responsibility is to resolve contract disputes between government contractors and agencies under the Contract Disputes Act. The CBCA encourages the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in all appropriate cases. For a full discussion of the CBCA and its jurisdiction and history, please see The Board.

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New Decisions

Decision Date Case Number Appellant / Claimant / Applicant Judge
07/06/2015 CBCA 3346-ISDA The Klamath Tribes Stern
07/02/2015 CBCA 4123-TRAV David C. Scheivert Zischkau
07/01/2015 CBCA 4341, 4670 Acabay, Inc. Pollack
07/01/2015 CBCA 3389 Akal Security, Inc. Stern
07/01/2015 CBCA 4358 JTS Construction Company Walters
07/01/2015 CBCA 4752-TRAV Ronald D. Aylor Walters
06/30/2015 CBCA 4579-RELO Benjamin A. Knott Lester
06/26/2015 CBCA 4562 GWSI, Inc. Kullberg
06/26/2015 CBCA 3727 Res-Care, Inc. d/b/a Guthrie Job Corps Center Somers
06/25/2015 CBCA 4803-RELO Rashetta D. Smith Sullivan
06/25/2015 CBCA 4339-RELO Shelia D. Bacon Somers
06/24/2015 CBCA 3761-RELO Michael A. Mailes Hyatt
06/23/2015 CBCA 3966 DOT Construction, Inc. Drummond
06/23/2015 CBCA 4524-FEMA Lord of the Harvest, Inc. d/b/a Hope Academy Walters
06/22/2015 CBCA 4251 Kevcon, Inc. Stern
06/18/2015 CBCA 4521-ISDA Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Lester
06/17/2015 CBCA 4093, 4094 MicroTechnologies, LLC Goodman
06/17/2015 CBCA 4701 Outback Firefighting, Inc. Somers
06/17/2015 CBCA 3533-FEMA University of Southern Mississippi Kullberg
06/16/2015 CBCA 3300, 3354, 3538 Brasfield and Gorrie, LLC Daniels
06/16/2015 CBCA 3849 Brasfield and Gorrie, LLC Daniels
06/16/2015 CBCA 4671 Enterprise Information Services, Inc. Daniels
06/15/2015 CBCA 4083, 4092 Artis Builders, Inc. Zischkau
06/12/2015 CBCA 4422 Environmental Safety Consultants, Inc. Goodman
06/16/2015 CBCA 3258-R Columbia Construction Company Sheridan
06/15/2015 CBCA 4458-ISDA Greasewood Springs Community School, Inc. Sheridan
06/11/2015 CBCA 4637-RELO Daniel W. Catalano Sullivan
06/11/2015 CBCA 4194 HP Medical, LTD Lester
06/11/2015 CBCA 4552 HP Medical, LTD Lester
06/11/2015 CBCA 3534 Comter Systems, Inc. Zischkau
06/11/2015 CBCA 4088, 4091, 4557 Kevcon, Inc. Daniels
06/09/2015 CBCA 4531-RELO Brendan J. Moynahan Vergilio
06/09/2015 CBCA 4583-ISDA Fort Belknap Indian Community Walters
06/09/2015 CBCA 4655 Hawk Contracting Group, LLC Lester
06/08/2015 CBCA 3905 Cooley Constructors, Inc. Goodman
05/06/2015 CBCA 4665, 4666, 4667, 4668 Flowsense, LLC Walters